Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pots and Pans out of card stock

     The last few days I have been cutting pots and pans and such out of card stock.  After cutting out the scrub pail, I pull the piece of card stock across the edge of my desk.  This helps to bend the card stock into a more rounded shape without getting creases.  After I glue the edges together, I find it easier to glue the bottom edge of the now round pail to an other piece of card stock.This is to make the bottom of the pail.  Once this is dry, I cut around the glued edge of the now bottom. If I have to I take an emery board and file of the edges.  I am using "wood glue", as I find it dries hard and not flexible like a "tacky glue" dries.  Now I do love my tacky glue, but not for these.  We don't want them to have wobbly sides. Having some clips or small clothespins helps to hold the edges together while waiting for the glue to dry.  Actually it doesn't take all that long to dry.
     I then glue on a piece of buttonhole thread along the top front edge to simulate a rolled edge.  When this is dry, I paint it using acrylic paint.  The brand of paint is up to you.

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