Saturday, October 15, 2016

     I can't believe how long it is taking me to make some pots, pans, and pails out of card stock.  Yes, I am trying to make enough to supply an old country general store but it has been days since I started them.  I think the drying time between the different coats of paint and sealer is what is taking so long.  Plus one coat of paint just didn't do it.  Then some of the items I wanted to look galvanized so that took an extra coat of paint.  Then the pans I wanted to look like blue enamel ware took a coat of speckles.  I think I learned that next time I am NOT starting with white card stock.  Navy blue (solid core) card stock for the enamel ware.  Gray card stock for the ones that are going to be galvanized. Thinking this will save me a coat or two of paint.  I love how my little garden pitchers turned out.  I painted one pewter, one copper and one a pretty shade of light green.
     My hanging scale - to weigh the fruits and veggies in the store came out really cute.  Now to find some chain the right scale size.  I guess my local craft store needs a visit so I can finish them up.
Today I am painting my General Store and then weathering it to make it look old. Chat with you later.

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