Friday, November 11, 2016

Chrysnbon Kits side table, chair and stereoscope

This is a Chrysnbon kit. I painted the chair and table legs a light gray. The top of table I painted with an acrylic paint. I painted the stereoscope brown where it is supposed to be wood. I darker gray for the metal parts. Instead of using the black fabric that came with the kit, I used a grayish-blue vintage hankie. I first sprayed an area of the hankie with Terra-Magic. it made it stiff enough that I could then manage to cover the seat. That was after 3 attempts to cover the seat without the Terra-Magic. I wanted to use the hankie fabric because of the scale of the weave but it was just so flimsy. Chrysnbon kits are plastic if you aren't familiar with them. i like them because I think they are more to scale than some of the cheaper wood kits. They have great detail. Yes, you do have to scrape and sand some of the plastic flanges off but wow that makes all the difference in the world as to the
final look. I used an ultra fine Painters Pen to apply the gold trim on the table and chair. Worked great and dried very quickly. I applied a water based sealer (gloss) to the table and chair.

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